BmtActionsHelper.cpp(500) crash when trying to delete an object in Framework

Ever since the upgrade to 10.1.1, many developers have been reporting an issue with Framework Manager. At some point during the development, Framework suddenly starts crashing whenever they delete or move specific items from the model. Frustratingly, trying to fix the issue by importing the model into a new model tends to copy the same problem.

The error in question is as follows:

Invariably, the developers would be frothing at the mouths because either they forgot to save their changes when it crashed, or they have saved their changes, and now they don’t have a way to revert back to before it started crashing like this.

The manifestation of the bug tends to follow a similar pattern. The models are generally complex, old, and contain more than one package. Some models that exhibit this bug have security, and some don’t. Deleting some fields trigger the bug, and some fields don’t. However, because the crash only happens with specific data items, it makes it easier to track down where the problem is.

In this case, a simple verify model explains what the issue is:

A glance at the model.xml shows that, somehow, there are two security views with the same name.

The easiest way to fix the problem is to delete one of the duplicated securityView nodes. There is a risk that Framework will continue to crash if the remaining securityView contains references to deleted objects, so at the very worst you can paste in:

<securityView><name>GO Sales (query)</name><definition/><access/><functionSets/></securityView></securityViews>

If this happens, you will have to redefine the package definitions, but at least the model will be viable again.


7 Responses to BmtActionsHelper.cpp(500) crash when trying to delete an object in Framework

  1. charon says:

    oh boy..was wondering already..thought its an issue with my client configuration.
    ty very much sir

  2. CognosUser says:

    Excellent..I was breaking my head over this..Very useful & fixed my problem.

  3. Tim says:

    Thank you…exactly what I was looking for. This helped immensely!

  4. Prabakar says:

    Very useful. Thanks… 🙂
    I searched many blogs but never get a clue.

    Hope not deleting the security views won’t cause any problems. Can you please advise !!!

    • CognosPaul says:

      Security Views control which objects are included in the specified package. After you delete the superfluous view check the package to make sure everything that should be included is included. I have encountered any errors by fixing the models in this way. Of course you should always back up your models before modifying the xml directly.

  5. rams says:

    I am not able to see multiple Security Views in my xml, even why i am getting this error ?

    • CognosPaul says:

      This is just one of a few possible reasons for the Framework crash. I’ve also seen this crash from a corrupted model.xml (possibly corrupted when copying from one server to another). In that case I simply rebuilt the entire model using the log.xml file. It took a long time to process, but it was completely up to date by the end.

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