Blatant self promotion

As I wrap up some of my existing contracts, I realize I have some spare time coming up. Far be it from me to goof off in my spare time (the alternative being cleaning and other house work, and I can’t let the wife get used to that idea), I’d much rather be solving problems people are having with their Cognos set up.

So, does your company need help building that new dashboard for the CFO? Are the reports running too slowly over your new OLAP server? Does JavaScript make your brains leak out? Drop me a line at and we can come to an arrangement.


7 Responses to Blatant self promotion

  1. today i tried call external js from cognos


    Not success.
    You can download openlayers from internet for test.
    What you can to propose for me?

    • CognosPaul says:

      How are you calling the external JS file? Are you using an absolute or relative URL?

      If your tag looks like this: <script src="myscripts.js"></script>, then you need to put the script into the webcontents folder of each gateway.

  2. KD says:

    Hi Paul,
    We are using Cognos 10.2. I need help for JavaScript code.
    I want to add one button ‘View in PDF’ on report page. So user can export HTML output to PDF. User will always run report in HTML first and then they will export it to PDF using provided buttion. When user clicks on button ‘view in PDF’ we want to open PDF output in new cognos viewer window. Can you please help me for this requirement. We want to use Javascript only because we have other export button in report like XLS, CSV etc.

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